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Dec 5, 2012
ROS is working on my home Desktop and Kendy's acer.
Kendy is looking good and I will start reporgramming this break.  Going to learn some PYTHON!!!! he he he.
July 22, 2012
Loaded Ubuntu on Kendy and installing ROS.  Check it out.

July 7, 2012
Wow time flies!  Going to take out the robotics stuff once again.  Loaded Ubuntu onto my old Acer 1200 and will see if I can get Kendy running in Linux!! Fun stuff!

Dec 25, 2011.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Well I hacked Bumpy and changed some of it's circuitry and guess what... Kendy is alive again:)  Ok I am going to reprogram and see how many sensors I can get working etc.  Will post some pictures and then I am going to start working on Kendy 4!
July 11, 2011
Bumpy is no more so the Lego RX 2.0 page will remain as a reminder of a useful little robot. I will deconstruct parts of Kendy3 to reconstruct it in December. Want to add some sensors etc.
Jan 9, 2011
Rebuilt Kendy my ER1 robot today. Well Yesterday and today. I am going to do some modifications as time goes on and I found the ER1 Thread on SocietyOfRobots which is great!  Click on Kendy3 to see my latest version of Kendy.
March 14, 2010
Started working on my BOE.
Click on Basic Stamp to check my progress:)
Next week I will be taking bumpy to my 3rd grade class again as I do every year and let them have some fun in geometry class! Click LegoRCX 2.00 to see my progress!
Rebuilt Kendy once again and testing it's capabilities.
Click Kendy3 to see what's up!
Started working on Microsoft Robotics Studio, maybe I can use it to integrate Kendy and the Boe?  Details of that - click on MRS.

Hi there
4 July 2008
OK, back to the drawing board.
Got Microsoft Robotic Studio 2008 and my er1 and a basic stamp. Gonna see what I can make of it all, he he he!!  Kendy is not dead he is just being rebuilt!
Check out Kendy 3
18 Jan 2007
Microsoft Robotics Studio - hmmm looks good, think I will try it out!
19 July 2005
Added somestuff to colobot page and a few pics to er1 page 2
July 24, 2004
Updating Colobot files and testing for errors:)
Should be finished tonite:)
Today is 16 February 2002 and I have decided after many hours of reading and research that I will eventually build a robot. Lindy says it is ok and she will put up with it :-)

1. Decide what I want to build and what it should do.
2. Write or draw up some kind of plan for the thing.
3. Look for the parts and tools I need which I don't already have.
4. Build it.
5. Test and fix it's problems.
6. Mantain and expand it.
7. Write a book about it....ha ha ha!!!!

This is my wonderful 7 point plan that I have thought out and I have decided to use as few technical terms as possible.
Till next time...Tara!
Dec 21, 2002
Ok, I've bought some books now!
Robot Builders Bonanza by Gordon McComb
Robot Building for Beginners by David Cook
I am going to New Zealand in Jan 2003 so I think I'll buy a robot kit there just to start off with. That should make life easier. he he he!!! bye for now
Feb 11,2003
New Zealand was GREAT!! I bought Lego MindStorms Robotic invetion System 2.0 and the Accessory pack there. Good prices and English :-) I am now working through the manual and missions. When I have finished the missions I will put up a few photo's of my robots and what they did.  I have got roverbot working so far and have done the first few test steps. This is a lot of fun!
Feb 12,2003
Finished all the missions and will start on the challenges soon as I have time.  Got a working roverbot with a double bumper with touch sensors and a light sensor.

11 Feb 2003
Hi All
Ok I've eventually got my robopage up and running!
I know the idea started a long while ago, but anyway here we go!
Just click on the left for the relevant page :-)
by the way... New Zealand was great:-)
21 July 2003  - Started Mission 10 (M010) check it out!
4 Feb 2004 - Restarted Lego Mindstorms Missions, he he!

There is still a lot of work to be done on this site. I will eventually move all my computer stuff and electronics info etc. to these pages as well.
Have a great day!

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